In a Nutshell

In the early 2000’s researchers discovered that the oil found in the nut of the croton megalocarpus tree could be a direct replacement for diesel fuel in certain engines, and a strong feedstock for biodiesel in others. This unearthed a sustainable source of biofuel from an inedible nut that had never had economic value. In 2012, the EFK team began working on optimizing a sustainable supply chain and perfecting a zero-waste manufacturing process.


As we refined the oil production process, we learned that the shells of the croton nuts are a strong source of organic nitrogen, perfect for fertiliser, and the seedcake from the biofuel production has high protein levels perfect for use in commercial animal feeds. Now, as the world’s first and only croton nut manufacturer, we’re scaling the production of our organic biofuel, animal feed, and fertiliser to fill the needs of a rapidly growing market in East Africa.


Myles Lutheran

A start-up guru: Process creation and bottleneck elimination at 4 U.S., VC-backed companies.

Myles Katz

Strategy, Investor Relations & Marketing
Cosmas Ochieng

The world’s leading croton connoisseur: 8 years sourcing and processing this unique nut.

Cosmas Ochieng

Supply, Human Resources & Operations
Larisa Warhol

Impact specialist & PhD: 10 years with indigenous communities across international borders.

Larisa Warhol

Social Impact Research & Business Development

25+ years in the commercial floriculture industry and pioneer of Kenya’s organic compost revolution.

Tom Lawrence

Horticulture Operations & Production Consultant

Partners and Investors